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SelfCounselling to save marriage and iNNer Transformation in Goa

Self Awareness through Self Counselling sessions in Goa

Self Counselling in Goa helps to develop the ability to obtain sharp perceptions or to judge well (or the activity of so doing). In the case of judgment, self-counseling can be about psychological or moral. Within understanding, self-counseling involves going past the mere perception of something and making nuanced judgments about its properties or qualities. Considered as a virtue, a self-awakened individual is believed to possess wisdom, and be of sound judgment; especially so concerning subject matter often overlooked by others. Self-counseling helps when in crisis, uncertain of future, or whether the resolution of their problems is even possible.   The concept of self counselling or “self-concept” is not about becoming selfish instead after effect is others want to be closer to you. Self counselling is a relational and collaborative process.

Self counseling for marriage in Goa

Because your partner is emotionally distant from you so partner may recommend you that you should go for your Psychological Counselling. Whereas you may feel that I am the one who is trying to be compassionate & can see the marriage drowning due to which feeling depression sometimes, but instead of Depression treatment, you feel you need the self Awareness & ability to judge well about the relationship. Self counseling helps you evolve in your personal development, others around you are challenged by your modeling to do the same.

Self Counseling before marriage counseling in Goa

You may have been in a burdensome marriage outside of Goa or living separated from spouse anywhere in India and can’t decide whether to stay in the relationship or not. Probably you know what’s right for you but not able to take a stand for yourself because you care for the partner. These decisions include taking time in making the decision, using both the head and heart and assessing essential values. Time is necessary to make a good choice, decisions made in a hurry are often not the best decisions. Self Counseling in Goa prepares the individual to help them arrive at the best conclusion. When time is available to assess the situation, it improves the decision process. If the partner was willing to seek, marriage counseling marital problems could be discussed. But the partner is not ready to meet any marriage counselor yet. Why not try to heal little irritations before they become enormous problems, till your partner can prepare themselves to visit a marriage counselor.

Marriage counseling can help couples fix the issues which have been buried from years, But there are probably a lot of bumps that you can smooth out on your own through self-counseling.

Self counselling for couples in Goa

Many married couples experience that their relationship changes over time.  Some seek couples therapy after self-counseling to strengthen their bond, learn to communicate better with each other, relate with more ease or prepare for the next step in their lives together. Even if you and your spouse are experiencing serious conflicts, couples therapy may be able to assist you. Some of our clients find that just beginning Self counseling can restore a sense of goodwill between them and their partner. Couples counselling in goa helps couples to settle the issues that you refrain from talking about out of fear that talking might lead to arguing. iNtegra counseling offers Couples therapy for couples to strengthen their marital bonds.

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Self counseling for anxiety in Goa

Self counseling draws on different therapeutic approaches to meet the individual needs of each person to deal with anxiety.

Self Counselling for depression in Goa

Sometimes coping alone becomes a struggle and learning about self-counseling with the counselor can enable a better understanding of feelings and behaviors in a safe and non-judgemental environment.


How it Works

The Self Counselling Exercises are designed to help people who are facing a significant life decision.

There are seven steps of Self Counselling to be followed that include:

  • Identifying the issue.
  • Take some time to assess the choices.
  • Make a wholehearted decision.
  • Discuss the options with iNtegra counselor
  • Trust your judgment.
  • Accepting what we are about to get ahead.


MindfulKriya Group Self Counselling workshop is a separate branch of Self-awareness. In group iNNer transformational workshop each individual must first undergo their self-awareness process through self-counseling. Self counseling workshops in Goa are filled with insights, inspiration, and ideas that will help you connect with and live from your most authentic self.


Is Self Counselling For You?

  • Are you busy in Self-talk which is not helping your relationship?
  • Not able to express your thoughts because the partner misunderstands them?
  • You feel the partner is detached whereas you are focussed on ensuring they know you are there.
  • Though you know what’s your mistake still keep on doing same the thing when spouse or partner triggers.
  • Partner is not willing to change to fix the marriage.
  • Partner blames you for controlling their life.

What to Expect with Self Counselling

  • Clarity about the situation.
  • Better communication skills to communicate effectively with the partner to whom you can’t even express desires.
  • Stop the roller coaster ride of within.
  • Instead of Guilt taking charge of responsibilities.
  • Understand and express your needs authentically and non-reactively.
  • Understand what most strengthens your feelings of closeness
  • Understand the origins of feelings of mistrust or reactivity.
  • Facing the challenges rather than avoiding them.
  • Get over the feeling of rejection.


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