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Communication problem in marriage


Why Men or Women Pull Away from marriage.
Marriage is a beautiful experience but couples do separate & that too in large numbers like over 7,000 divorce cases are running in Delhi only.
7 Ugly Mistakes Indian Women Make That Ruins Any Chances Of A Relationship

Learn all of relationship secrets when you are living in a metropolitan city like Delhi (Gurgaon is different than Noida or Delhi due to nature of work profiles)

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why men pull away in marriage


There are several reasons why women pull away from men in relationship:

  • Not enough communication – women need to be able to communicate with their partner to work out differences. While men need time alone to figure out a solution to a problem, women need to talk it out in order to work it out. If men avoid communicating with their partners and don’t lend an open ear, it’s likely their partners will pull away and give them the ‘silent treatment.’

Understanding why men pull away from women
Working together in marriage
How to get your woman to calm down (what to do)
How to get your woman to calm down (what NOT to do)
Love, compassion and being there for your spouse are imperative.

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