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Relationship boot camp workshop

Relationship boot camp workshop

In metro city like Delhi life is busy & there is lack of time to resolve long term relationship issues with families which have developed over the years of non communication. relationship boot camp workshop is a solution which guides you to pick up the pieces from where you are now & how to make peaceful relationships with all including your spouse.

You will be in a group of couples because people never learned the skills needed to connect to another person. In our two-day relationship boot camp workshop, we teach the basics like how to communicate clearly and honestly, how to listen, how to deal with conflicts, and how to argue respectfully. Best part of this relationship bootcamp is that you become eager to resolve the long standing conflicts immediately & some couples do also right in the workshop itself  some take time analyze learning & adopt the new way into life & eventually makeup with others also soon.

This bootcamp workshop is held every two weeks in South Delhi either in office in Hauz Khas or near by centers. You must book the seat in workshop in advance as seats are limited mostly 5-10 couples in one workshop depending on the week.

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