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Marriage Counselling In Chandigarh is provided by iNTEGRA Counsellors. Marriage Counsellor In Chandigarh are equipped to deal with marriage of 1 to 40 years of marital issues. Marriage Counsellors In Chandigarh deal with all faith marriages including Christian marriages. Marriage Counselor In Chandigarh offers Marital Counselling In Chandigarh itself, Ludhiana & Amritsar. We speak Hindi, Punjabi & English.

For sikh couples Using faith and evidence based techniques, our marriage counsellors offer a safe, caring environment to address your unique concerns and will work with you to develop a personal pathway towards hope, healing, and restoration.

Marriage and family therapists of iNTEGRA focus on understanding client symptoms and interaction patterns within their existing environment. Marriage Counsellor In Chandigarh diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders within the context of marriage, couples and family systems. Marriage Counsellor In Chandigarh treat predominantly individuals, but also provide couples, family and group therapy; all in the context of relationships that incorporate family systems.

Marriage Advice In Chandigarh is offered to youngsters who are planning to get married soon & have some doubts about after marriage relationship status. Pre Marriage Counselling In Chandigarh covers Premarital issues related to after effects of marriage & what behavioral changes are expected after marriage.

We Marriage CounsellorS In Chandigarh by iNTEGRA Coach couples! Couples often need to speak with someone who does not know them personally. Someone professional who is non-judgmental and can objectively help them sort out their problems. We at iNTEGRA have a high success rate with our couples.

Marriage Counsellor In Chandigarh by iNTEGRA offer treatment for a variety of serious clinical problems include, but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, individual psychological problems, marital problems and child-parent relations. Other disorders and problems regularly encountered by Marriage Counselling In Chandigarh include conduct disorder and delinquency, childhood behavioral and emotional disorders, substance abuse and alcoholism, marital problems, relationship enhancement and domestic violence.

Depending on one’s diagnosis and needs, approaches will vary. Marriage Counsellor In Chandigarh therapy’s prominence has increased due to its demonstrated effectiveness and its recognition of the contexts in which people live and work. Marriage and family counselling involves a broader emphasis on the person to examine the nature and role of all factors in primary relationship and networks.

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Couples, Families and Relationships are the most important responsibilities we may have in life. To understand each other, really listen and to be heard is not a simple matter. Self counselling believes that We owe it to our families and ourselves to learn to respectfully communicate so we can heal.

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