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Marriage counselor in mumbai explains with case study of double wife’s infidelity recovery


Case Study : Marriage counselor in Mumbai explains to wife who just found out her husband had been keeping a second wife in Chandigarh. Besides wife who he legally married he had three children from first wife. For 21 years he had been up & down Mumbai – Chandigarh – Delhi for his business work. Delhi was used by him only for being alone away from everything. Husband had a luxury apartment to just relax in Delhi to be by himself. In Mumbai he had a wife whom he didn’t legally married but married her by their own ritual privately.

He had been keeping everyone happy by being a good provider & being with the family he is in the city with. Husband had his mind set on keeping his little secret to himself but one day his son just landed in his Delhi apartment where he found pictures of his first family etc. it was devastating at first for all. But due to his two daughters just married to influential families all families decided to keep it a secret & over come the betrayal part. Husband had his own reasons to have a second family because first wife was very argumentative & they had stopped talking to each other. He had left home for good for Mumbai but met this second wife who found his support to overcome a divorce she had filed with her husband before divorce. She supported him to stand his business in Mumbai with her money & skills so well that he grew in business as a successful entrepreneur & today all live a lavish lifestyle including all kids from the same business which was initiated by second wife but taken to new heights by Husband. As per husband he never wanted to hurt the emotions of first wife so he had left them abandoned them but kept sending money without keeping in touch with them for nine years. But during nine years he had three children from second wife in Mumbai to whom he find as a moral support and a reason to live & do something in life.

Reason he came for counselling because he had plans to leave everything & go join a monestry to a spiritual path with a guru (as per his statement), but somewhere his family saw that there is something they should do to help him to live his real life with whom he wants to live with. Any of the family didn’t had him as they wanted him to be with them & they always felt missing something but loved him for he is for whatever he is for whatever moments he is with them.

Points to note : Every one loves husband, He actually cared financially, emotionally, physically for every one in his ex or present wife. ┬áHis both families & both wife’s loves him immnesly. Both wife’s want him to be happy with other wife because he has given enough love to what they ever wanted from a man in their life.


This is a case study only : Any names & locations are not disclosed. All case studies are written only with permission of the client on the condition of not disclosing real names.

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