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Pre marital counseling

Pre marital counseling

What is premarital counselling?

Premarital counseling is that form of counseling which centers around the interpersonal relationship of a man and a woman, helps them evaluate their relationship in view of their approaching marriage and acquaints them with ways by which they may build a happy and successful marriage, or in the light of the evaluation of their relationship, results in their deciding against the marriage’

The main objective of premarital counseling with premarriage counsellor is “to help lay the foundation for a happy and successful marriage within the framework of Indian families value system.” In India marriage is more of a family affair besides the culture /caste in which couple have grown up with. Our pre-marriage counsellors are in Delhi but are experienced with entire India’s culture & castes. Be it Jain parivaar rituals, Punjabi’s saas bahu relationships, Gharana’s or Bengal’s rituals.

Premarital counseling differs from other forms of counseling in two respects: those couples whom the Pre-marriage counsellor counsels will receive advice at the counselor insistence rather than on their own initiative, and further, a considerable amount of instruction is involved if required. The counselor will focus to give counsel in the following areas, considered by a number of psychologists and marriage counselors to be the areas of greatest difficulty in working out an adjustment after marriage: spending the family income, sex relations, religious activities, in-law relationships, social activities, and mutual friends.


  1. is there pre martial counseling available in chandigarh?

  2. Please help me getting a pre marital counselling in chandigarh.

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